Monday, January 13, 2014

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman Facing Welfare Fraud Charges

You know that when someone becomes a celebrity for all the wrong reasons, things usually only get worse. Now, Natalie Denise Suleman, also known as Nadya Suleman, also known as "Octomom," is facing welfare fraud charges, after failing to report her $30,000 in earnings from her work as a stripper and an adult film actor. This is all for a good cause, according to Suleman, who insists her work is done with the hop of becoming a role model for other women facing major struggles. Good luck with that.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Celebrity Hair Styles

Every time a celebrity leaves the house, he or she knows the cameras are out there, sometimes hoping to catch the celebrity doing something embarrassing, and sometimes to catch the celebrity looking beautiful.
Women celebrities, in particular, know that their hairstyles are going to be copied by millions of women across the world. They will go to their hairdresser, point at a picture of a celebrity, and say, "That's how I want my hair to look."
Knowing that, celebrities guard their hair the same way they guard their agent--without a good agent or without good hair, the celebrity's career is over.

Farrah Fawcett Hair

Jessica Simposon Hair

Celebrity Hair Styles - Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, & Jessica Simpson-Hairstyle Trend Setters!

Celebrities are the modern day gods and heroes, and their fashion styles are carefully scrutinised and copied by millions all over the world. If it looks good on them, then the hope is that we will look as good as they do, if we copy their hair, their make-up, and their clothes. Of course, we can't look so good without their team of professional make-up artists, stylists and photographers but even if just a little bit rubs off on us, we'll be happy!

And there are some good reasons to copy the celebrity hairstyles. For a start, they can afford some of the best beauty professionals in the industry. This means they are usually at the front of the fashion trends.

Do you know whose hairstyle of the 70's has been the most emulated celebrity hairstyle? Farrah Fawcett Major, the American actress who starred in the series 'Charlie's Angels'. Her blond, rough cut, layered and feathered, flicked style was copied by young women everywhere.

And do you know whose celebrity hairstyle of the 80's was the most popular? Meg Ryan, whose tousled, layered hair that accentuated her natural wave made hairstylists wonder if there were any other requests for a style than 'the Meg Ryan Cut'.

And whose celebrity hairstyles have been the most popular during the last couple of years? Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez would have to be up there, although some say that Jessica Simpson locks could be added to the list.

What about the men? The male celebrity hairstyles are also carefully watched by the hairstyle experts. Ashton Kutcher's tousled textured hair is quickly gaining in popularity with Matthew Fox, Adrien Brody, and Johnny Depp styles getting a look- in.

It just goes to show that fashion is always changing, even month by month. To really be on the cutting edge, so to speak, you need to be constantly checking web-sites dedicated to celebrity hairstyles to get a clear idea of who is wearing the 'in' thing. And they don't all agree with each other, so do some research and compare notes.

If you look at the changing 'in' styles over just the last year, you'll get some idea of how quickly fashion changes. Take color for instance: During winter the soft, rich brown tones were popular with platinum white/blonde color tones not 'in'. This all changed during summer to ash and platinum blondes being 'in' with dark brown and red on the outer. And style; the old school glamour styles of summer were replaced with flicked back curls during autumn, and solid bangs and headbands for winter. Yes, you certainly need to keep an eye on hairstyle fashion if you want to look like a celebrity!

However, remember that you don't have a celebrity hairstyle team on hand so make sure you choose a hairstyle that you can keep looking good all day. Not only should you like the look of it, it should suit you too. Some styles may look great on a celebrity but be totally wrong for your shaped face and hair type. It's best to make a collection of celebrity hairstyles you like and then ask your hairstylist which one would be the best for you.

Celebrities can afford the best hairstylists and often wear the latest trends making fashion statements that others want to follow. But fashion changes quickly. How do you keep up with celebrity hairstyle trends?

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Zach Galifianakis and Other Celebrities Without Their Signature Facial Hair

When we get to know celebrities, we feel like we know everything about them. Then we see a picture of them without their signature facial hair, and we realize we don't know them at all--we don't even know what they really look like.

Zach Galifianakis without beard

Louis CK without beard

George Lucas without beard

Nick Offerman without moustache

Weird Al without facial hair

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lady Gaga vs. Perez Hilton

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton are busy fighting each other. The source of the feud is unclear, but it is clear that the two former BFFs, who never shy away from publicity, like to have their entire lives, good and bad, out there for the public to judge and to pick sides. Here are some of their recent tweets, where they're referring to each other, often without making a direct connection between a passive aggressive tweet and the target of the tweet.

Did the feud start with Hilton's "karma" tweet? Did it start with his tweets about Gaga's song dropping in the charts? Or did Lady Gaga start this feud somehow?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Celebrity Tweets

As usual, our personal favorite is Amanda Bynes tweet': "If I'm not following you on Twitter that means I HATE U"

Ahhh, the subtle lyricism of this young poet...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ashlee Simpson Dating Evan Ross?

Ashlee Simpson Dating Evan Ross
Now, why do we need to know that Ashlee Simpson, who hasn't quite been on the news or on people's minds recently, is dating Evan Ross, the son of Diana Ross?

Well, no one can really answer that, but it is on our minds. Maybe because he's 4 years younger? And Ashlee IS a mom, after all? Or because any news about a young singer who's not about the way she's messing up her life is news we crave...

Well, we don't know if the two are dating, but we do know people are talking about them all over the place, and whether Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are an item will be revealed very soon.

Ashlee Simpson Dating Evan Ross

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amanda Bynes and the Ugly Tweets

The craziest thing about these tweets, posted by Amanda Bynes and published today on BuzzFeed is the number of people hanging around her, ready to retweet and favorite every single proof of the downhill spiral this poor woman if half-way into already.

Bynes tweet Biggs

I mean, who are these people? Do they approve of these sad tweets because they approve of this message, or because they want to encourage Bynes in the hope of watching her get even worse?

Bynes tweet Bass

Yes, but you do have a mental illness, Amanda. Or at least you're on your way there. Still, can't argue with 3,602 retweets... Unless Bynes has 3,602 fake accounts just for retweets. Hey, why not.

Bynes tweet RuPaul

3,025 people favorited this tweet? Now who can explain that? Now these people can't be real, can they? Who knows... Maybe if enough people link to this article on Twitter, I'll be called ugly too?